La pulizia del colon

Super Colon Cleanse! Do NOT Get Colon Cleansing Before You Watch This Video!

=>Qui è un'offerta per un Colon Cleanse Natural<=

Digest it –

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25 thoughts on “Super Colon Cleanse! Do NOT Get Colon Cleansing Before You Watch This Video!

  1. cahokia33

    This chick got me cracking up..she is toooo silly..Sound effects
    Queen….girl don’t sell my product.…thanks for the laugh. .


    @Boss *Bowtrol is a proven method to do away with constipation and other
    digestive problems due to irregular bowl movement.*

  3. YouTreen

    The clicking of the spoon against the glass…..

  4. James W. McRight Jr. McRight Jr.

    One thing is you did not follow directions on the packaging, it was not
    tablespoons it was teaspoons and what you did was get two heaping
    tablespoon. Also I don’t care how you use water or juice cold does not
    help to activate the supper colon cleanse. Heat your juice or use hot
    water, it activates much easier and not all that stirring will be needed.

    You will also notice supper colon cleanse comes in capsules also, I find
    they do not work for me; the capsules have to be activated in the stomach
    and it requires water to activate. For best results is to use power form
    two teaspoons and activate before putting in you stomach. With hot water it
    takes no more than a few turns with the spoon then turn it up to your mouth
    and it is gone with no bad taste at all. If one uses juice one is looking
    for taste, therefore to me taste is secondary and I do not need secondary

    Making a video to sale a product you sure don’t know how to sale anything
    that will help people that suffer from health problems and super colon
    cleanse would be beneficial to them, not with you almost gagging and giving
    people the wrong dosage, it is a wonder that your brains didn’t end up in
    the toilet..

  5. Camz Cam

    works great! but beware guys it is not for the feint of heart. You will die
    lol. it taste horrible worst thing I’ve ever tasted in my life. I wanna
    vomit just looking at the bottle 

  6. Jay Li

    To hear her struggling to drink it…….made me laugh so much LOL, it’s
    terrible but she recommends it XD

  7. Cameron McBride

    I recently adopted a good system, helped me become a regular chair, a sense
    of lightness in the stomach, the digestive system is normalized,
    regenerating the normal balance of microflora in the intestine, have been
    side effects of antibiotics. Who cares, on my channel there is a link below
    the video

  8. Savorian Couch

    OMGOODNESS!!! This is the funniest thing I have seen all day! Thanks so
    much. I’m still going to try it because I believe the product works, but I
    just love how you kept it real and still decided to cleanse. If you can do
    it, so can I.

  9. Michael Collins

    It doesn’t taste that bad. In fact it doesnt taste like anything, its the
    way that it looks once its mixed that will give you pause. 

  10. Stacie Hoyle

    Girl, they sell this stuff in capsule form at ‘walgreens I take four at
    night and go in the morning no prob.

  11. Pedro Vega

    Hey, I have the same product. try using a shaker cup it mixes really well
    say healthy and god bless.

  12. wisdom seeker

    What’s wrong with trying the natural methods? They taste great, are
    inexpensive and they work. Go on a raw diet for a few weeks: Fruit, raw
    veggies, nuts and drink 8 glasses of water a day. No bad taste, no
    vomiting, no side effects and nutritious to boot.

  13. marcy dominguez

    Nothing good about it! Except prevent cancer in your colon. Yes pooping
    helps to prevent CANCER. That is why this product is so good. may not be a
    “tasty” hamburger but makes wonders went people is CONSTIPATED.